Our Story


Tucked between Grand and Thompson, in the sleepier side of west Soho, resides Ato. Where French delicacy meets the Japanese emphasis on fresh and quality ingredients, presented by executive Chef William Shen.

Selecting fresh and quality ingredients and delivering it in its most natural form, Ato's team creates dishes believing that it is more than just food but also an artistic practice; therefore, the restaurant names itself after the Japanese pronunciation of "art." The restaurant houses a raw and minimal space, like a blank canvas highlighting the food.


"It's like one huge, empty bowl; the bowl accepts any ideas and concepts." And restaurant Ato would like to reflect that, William says that his restaurant "carries that desire of communication as well as a receptive environment which creates room for creativity." Emphasizing on the real protagonist in the story he would like to share as a chef, is what he puts on the plate.